Bitumen Emulsifier
Backed by Arkema Road Science, world-beating surfactant technology, highly experienced staff and our dedicated emulsion lab, CORE is the UK/Ireland leader in bitumen emulsifiers technology. We can help create a surfactant treatment strategy which incorporates all of your business requirements.

CORE’s range of Emulsamine®, Stabiram®, Polyram® and Artek® emulsifiers cover the entire spectrum of surface treatment application. This includes from bond coat to surface dressing and slurry/micro surfacing and everything else in between. Arkema surfactant technology is coupled with CORE’s specialised knowledge. In addition, tailor-made CORE Emul blends provide our clients with the highest level of technical advice in bitumen emulsion development/production.

Please contact us to discover more about this mix of products, as a part of a wider strategy. Therefore, our expert team at CORE are on hand to discuss your exact requirements and potential solutions. You can do so by calling us on our number above, or using the Contact Us page and filling in the contact form available. One of our team will then get back to you as soon as possible with an answer on how to move forwards.