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CORE is a technical partner offering a full turnkey approach for all your Additive, Chemical, Water-Treatment and Decontamination requirements. In addition, we operate across the globe in the Construction, Oil & Gas, Roads and Environment application areas.

Since 2017, CORE has been a true technical service partner. Because of this, we focus on the development and application of standard and bespoke, problem-solving solutions. This includes chemical supply to full turnkey shutdown services.

Within its new facility in Bromborough (UK), CORE houses its technical service, chemical manufacturing, and distribution operations to markets across the globe.

As well as this, CORE has over 100 years of technical supply experience. This is what makes us experts in all of our services. Therefore, our product ranges come from quality partners with proven performance and data. These are supported by a range of developed products manufactured by us to solve customer problems.

Additionally, we operate a number of laboratories for product development, product testing, application testing and process design. Our labs host qualified chemists and chemical engineers. Our field-based mobile laboratory is used for on-site testing. This enables real-time adjustment of chemical addition and process analysis.

CORE joins together with J1 Technologies and Solupak Ltd to form a loose group of companies who share technical know-how and resource, finance and IT. Therefore, Group in-House development and application chemists work together to solve customer problems and to help improve customers product offering whilst operating independently in their own application areas and markets.

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