About Us

CORE Additive Technologies are an established technology company manufacturing and promoting additive solutions & industrial services for the Construction, Oil, Road and Environmental industries. We are an in-depth, technical solution and sales business built on expert product and application knowledge for each market segment. CORE recently moved to a new facility based in Bromborough (UK). As a result, this facility houses its technical service, chemical manufacturing, and distribution operations to markets across the globe.

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What We Do

We are experts in additives for bitumen, chemical decontamination, tank cleaning, industrial services and much more. Therefore, our product range(s) are supplied by quality partners with proven performance and data and are supported by a range of developed products manufactured by us to solve customer problems.

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What Makes us Different?


The CORE team is highly specialised and apt within every single operating sector, from additives, to chemical decontamination.


CORE manufacture tailor made chemical solutions, through dedication and initiative. As a result, CORE can be central to your success.

Global Reach

Based in the UK, CORE work closely alongside companies both home and away. Therefore, we are forming partnerships constantly across the globe.

New Facilities

CORE has a new, improved, state-of-the-art home in Bromborough, Chester (UK), where the lab, warehouse and offices are all under the same roof.

Services We Provide

CORE; a technical partner offering a full turnkey approach for all your additive solutions, chemical, water-treatment and decontamination requirements. As a result, we operate across the globe in the Construction, Oil & Gas, Roads and Environment application areas.

Our Partners

CORE joins together with J1 Technologies and Solupak Ltd to form a loose group of companies who share technical know-how and resource, finance and IT. As a result, group in-House development and application chemists work together to solve customer problems. This helps improve customers product offering, whilst operating independently in their own application areas and markets.