Slugcatcher Decontamination

    Periodically, Slugcatchers will require ‘decontamination’ to facilitate internal inspection. This is either manually or using robotic cameras, and needs to be clean and gas-free before it is opening. CORE provides decontamination products to operate at either ambient temperature, or up to (e.g.) 700C. This is depending on the level of contamination and the design of the vessels. CORE applies these products as aqueous solutions, using closed loop circulation procedures. In addition, the ‘spent’ solutions process in a CORE Mobile Effluent Treatment system, This is before the clean water phase is safely directed to a municipal sewer connection. You can recycle and separate condensate; dewatered solids can usually go to non-hazardous disposal.

    Where processing Sour Gas, there will be safety concerns about H2S and Mercaptans, as well as potentially pyrophoric FeS in settled solids. In these situations, CORE recommends a secondary Oxidation Rinse. This is immediately following the chemical decontamination stages, to completely remove any sulphide compounds.

    Please contact us to discover more about how we can help decontaminate slugcatchers. Our expert team at CORE (and J1) are on hand to discuss your exact requirements. You can do so by calling us on our number above, or using the Contact Us page and filling in the contact form available.