Lee O'Nions

Managing Director and founder of CORE

Lee has over 20 years’ experience within the Construction, Oil & Gas industries, working within various technical and managerial roles. Lee is a specialist in Bitumen technologies from manufacturing to application. He was quarried not born, and his mega intelligence manages the highly motivated and talented CORE team, which has a vast range of experience in all supporting and operating markets.

David Needham

Additive Business Manager

David oversees the technology and range of products offered at CORE. He has worked around the Globe for major chemical manufacturers, in a technical and sales capacity, focusing on the asphalt sector. David works alongside our customers to improve product performance or solve problems using CORE additive technologies. David has a degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Civil Engineering from Nottingham University.

Ralph Davies

Industrial Services Manager

Ralph has over 46 years’ experience within the technical sales of process, water and waste treatment, and has been at CORE since the companies launch where he develops chemical cleaning of Bitumen tanks and pilot-rig testing for Chemical Decontamination. With his additional experience in consulting capacities in many global companies, Ralph has an unmatched level of expertise in hazardous waste treatment.

Jordan Jones

Project Manager

Jordan focusses on in-situ Chemical Cleaning and Decontamination within the oil and gas industry. Jordan has a demonstrated history of working on product and process innovation as well as the industrialisation of niche first of a kind processes. Skilled in Chemical Cleaning and Decontamination; Project Management; and Process Engineering, Jordan has a First Class degree in Chemical Engineering.

Monika Klich

Operations and Logistics Manager

Monika has been with the company since the very beginning and overseen the evaluation and operational aspects of CORE. As a Business Management Graduate Monika has excellent interpersonal and time management skills to successfully coordinate work in all departments. Excellent negotiator and problem solver, always looking for improvements.

Reem Mansour

Project Engineer

Reem has worked with CORE on various projects such as Chemical Decontamination, Bitumen blending with additives as well as Crude Oil testing in the Oil and Gas industry. Together with the team, Reem works on innovation and new process development that involves the use of CORE’s extensive range of products. Reem holds a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Chester.

George Constable

Laboratory Chemist

George studied Micro-Biology at the University of Liverpool and having graduated in 2017, he has worked in chemistry labs ever since. George joined CORE in January 2020 as a lab technician, running tests for the Bitumen Additive side of the business and Analytical Chemistry where required. Usually, George also assists with the Chemical Decontamination testing.

Kevin Burgess


Kevin has over 35 years of experience in the Specialty Chemical Industry, having founded J1 Technologies in 1999, it has grown into a true Technical Service Partner, and exports to over 30 countries. Kevin is a key shareholder and Board Member at J1, Solupak, Core and Medi-Clean. Utilising his experience in growing start-up’s to multi-million pound global businesses, in what are challenging technical arenas