Condensate Systems

    Entire Condensate Stabilisation/Recovery Plants can have chemical decontamination during major outages. In doing so, it removes foulants, by circulating a solution of CORE chemical decontamination product in a closed loop. Formulations are available that provide outstanding results, at ambient temperature, or up to 500C.

    Light hydrocarbons that break down in the system to produce ‘gummy’ deposits, along with solids carrying over into the system in the aqueous feed, can all face removal using our unique chemical formulations. Where particular problems arise, CORE can evaluate deposit/sludge samples in our laboratory pilot systems. Consequently, we can develop a bespoke product for a given client plant.

    The spent chemical washings, or ‘effluent’ process through a CORE Mobile Effluent Treatment Unit. This produces a clean water phase for direct discharge to local sewer. Recovered hydrocarbons recycle to the Terminal condensate storage facility.

    Please contact us to discover more about this mix of products, as a part of a wider strategy. Our expert team at CORE (and J1) are on hand to discuss your exact requirements. You can do so by calling us on our number above, or using the Contact Us page and filling in the contact form available. One of our team will then get back to you as soon as possible with an answer on moving forwards.