Workability Aids and Adhesion Promoters

If your business is looking for a solution that requires a mix of bio and surfactant technology, CORE can help facilitate it.

CORE represents Cargill Asphalt Solutions with their market leading bio-additives in this field.  The products are non-hazardous and fully renewable while providing excellent performance.

The bond between bitumen and aggregates in asphalt mixtures is under constant attack from water. Additionally, bitumen has poor affinity for certain aggregates leading to inherently weaker bonds. As a result, these factors lead to a reduction in asphalt durability. This is the main cause of premature failures and shorter pavement lifetime.

CORE can provide the answers to these problems. This is in the form of market-leading AD-here® and Cecabase® surfactant additives from Arkema Road Science applied via local testing expertise and dosing systems. Therefore, the solution to longer pavement lifetime is within reach.

The same surfactant technology and adhesion promoters can also be applied to increase the workability of asphalt mixes, enabling longer storage time or haulage distance, As a result, it makes it easier to lay inherently stiff mixes facilitating the use of higher RAP contents.

If you would like to find out more about these products or would like to discuss how these can form a part of your wider strategy, our expert team at CORE are on hand to discuss your exact requirements and potential solutions.