Next Generation Bitumen Mix Performance Improving Additive
Worker-Friendly Liquid Anti-Strip Chemistry For All Bitumens

NovaGrip D-750 EU is a next generation, worker-friendly liquid anti-strip that extends pavement life by creating powerful chemical adhesion of bitumen to aggregate, protecting them from moisture damage and resultant pavement distresses such as raveling, pothole development and rutting. It is engineered for robustness and versatility, and delivers reliably strong performance with a wide variety of bitumen and aggregate combinations.

NovaGrip D-750 EU is added directly to bitumen and is compatible with all bitumen types. NovaGrip D-750 EU is used to design mixes that conform to typical specifications, including AASHTO T283: Method of Test for Resistance of Compacted Bituminous Mixture to Moisture Induced Damage, AASHTO T324: Method of Test for Hamburg Wheel-Track Testing of Compacted Hot Mix Bitumen (HMA), and AASHTO R35: Standard Practice for Superpave Volumetric Design, as well as equivalent BS EN test standards.

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