deScent EU

deScent EU is a proprietary additive that effectively neutralizes and reduces emissions of odor-causing compounds produced by hot asphalt cement.

deScent EU is proven to effectively reduce emissions of most potent odor-causing compounds in asphalts including hydrogen sulfide, dimethyldisulfide, thiophene, benzenethiol, and methylbenzene thiol.

An independent study of odor emissions in two different roofing-grade asphalts, conducted in August 2009 by Dr. Clifford Lange of Auburn University, concluded that the addition of deScent EU at a 0.02% wt/wt dosage produced a greater than 60% reduction of most odor causing compounds. Dr. Lange also concluded that, “deScent EU acts as an odor suppressant rather than an odor-masking agent. deScent EU is effective at reducing odorous emissions in asphalt and the magnitude of reductions in hydrogen sulfide and other sulfur compounds is unusual and highly desirable.” Dr. Lange’s methodology of analysis utilized headspace gas chromatography to measure reduction of odor-causing compounds.

deScent EU is a noncorrosive and nonhazardous substance that will not affect asphalt chemical properties or performance characteristics. deScent EU is fluid at low temperatures and has a high flash point compared to other odor additive products.

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